To Find out the exact rental price for your built-in trip and to make a car reservation, you can:

  • By completing the booking form https://www.bonvoyage.lv/
  • Sending e-mail to bonvoyagerent@gmail.com
  • Telephone +371 28377007

For the lease, a valid driver’s licence and ID card or passport are required. The Minimum length of the car driver is 2 years. The Minimum age of the car is 20 years.

The amount of the bail depends on the class of the car rented. The amount of the Security for passenger vans is EUR 200.

All cars are rented with a full tank of fuel. If the Renter does not return the car with a full tank of fuel then an additional fee of EUR 1.50 is calculated for each missing fuel litre.

All cars are rented with a clean salon and bodywork. After the lease expires, the customer returns to a clean salon and a supercabin. The Car is allowed to wash only in laundromats where the car is washed by hand. If a customer returns a car washed in self-service laundromats, the car is not considered washed. If the customer returns the car, then the car wash charge is charged to the security:

for the minibus-25.00,

for Cars-20.00.

If the car is returned to dirty seats, the chemical cleaning of each row of seats costs EUR 30.00.

The Light car mileage limit per day is 300km, vans-400km. The Fee for each km travelled is 0.10 EUR (this charge is subject to change).

ALL vans have Compulsory Civil insurance policy (OCTA) and Voluntary Insurance (KASKO).

Standard self-risk against theft and damage is 450 EUR.

To reduce the amount of self-risk to EUR 200, the customer costs EUR 5/day or a minimum of 35EUR in addition to the car rental.

In Order to reduce the risk to 0 EUR, the customer pays 10 EUR/day for the car rental, but not less than EUR 70.

Our goal is to deliver the best-quality service to the customer, in the most convenient way, that`s way the customer is a top priority for our company. Booking, technical support, answers to your questions – we provide it seven days a week.