In Navigator, the maps of several European countries built into the EU’s Tomtom VIA 62 allow you to move seamlessly through all European roads. Any place where You would like to go will be provided with a map that will fully enjoy the freedom of movement within the Schengen area. Lifelong Free Updates. At Your disposal there will be almost unlimited updates, which will allow you to get the most current information about the roads and traffic organization in all the locations that are part of the map overlay.
  • Cybex baby seat for children between 2 years and 4 years (one of the safest child seats, ADAC test)
  • Children’s Seat (stand) from 5 years to 8 years old
We offer to rent roofing rails and roof boxes. Spacious roof box Nuemann XX Line. Internal Length-2, 0m, height 0, 4m, Width 0, 9m. Total volume 650 litres. Maximum number of ski pairs 6 to 8. “roof box rental Fee-4.00, 00 EUR/day. Roof Rail Rent-2.00 EUR/day. Rent of boxes and rails from 10 to 20 days-for a period of 60.00 EUR.
We offer to rent chain tyres. If you plan to drive to the mountains, we recommend that you take the time to find out if there is no need for tire chains in this region, in case of bad weather conditions. Cheaper is to rent chain tyres up, than to forcibly buy on the site. Rental Fee-3.00 EUR/day. 10 to 20 days-for a period of 30.00 EUR

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