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We offer various kinds of transfers with Renault Trafic and Opel Vivaro minibuses (8 passengers + 1 driver). We will take you to your destination airport or port in any city or town of the Baltic states or nearest European countries.

Minibuses are equipped with air conditioners and offer a large cargo area (long wheelbases).

* Prices of some transfers:
Rīga – Riga International Airport: EUR 50
Rīga – Liepāja: EUR 130
Rīga – Daugavpils: EUR 140
Rīga – Ventspils: EUR 120
Rīga – Tallinn: EUR 185
Rīga – Pärnu: EUR 135
Rīga – Vilnius: EUR 185
Rīga – Kaunas: EUR 175

* Prices in one direction.
In case of a return transfer on the same day, you will only have to pay half of the price. 
Contact us by calling +371 28377007.