Required documents
Natural persons — internationally recognised driving licence, and passport or ID-card.

Driving experience
Minimum driving experience — 2 years. Minimum age — 20 years.

Security – EUR 170.

All minibuses are rented with a full fuel tank. An additional fee of EUR 1.50 per litre shall apply for returning the car with a tank not completely full.

Smoking inside the car is strictly forbidden. Fine — EUR 100. Fine for damages in the interior caused by smoking — EUR 400.

The client receives a clean car — washed from the outside and cleaned from the inside. When returning the car, it shall be washed from the outside and cleaned from the inside. If repeated cleaning is required, an additional fee shall apply: EUR 15 for exterior washing, EUR 10 for interior cleaning, and EUR 100 for dry-cleaning of the interior.

Minimum rental period
The minimum rental period is one day (24 hours).

Range limitations.
The daily range limit is 500 km. A cost for each additional kilometre is EUR 0.07 + VAT of 21%.

Additional equipment
It is possible to rent the following additional equipment: GPS navigation, roof box, roof rails, current converter (12 V to 220 V), car refrigerator (12 V).

All minibuses are covered by the Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance (OCTA) and optional insurance (KASKO). Additional KASKO insurance extension is required when traveling to CIS countries.

Client's own risk
Client's own risk for causing a traffic accident or damaging the vehicle is EUR 450.
Client's own risk is not deducted if the vehicle is damaged as a result of a traffic accident caused by a specific, certain third party, whose liability is insured in accordance with the Compulsory Civil Liability Insurance of Owners of Motor Vehicles Law and who is proved to be guilty with a decision of a competent authority or the agreed statement.
Client's own risk for a complete loss or theft of a vehicle amounts to 15% of the value of the vehicle, provided that the client can present the technical passport of the vehicle and its keys. If the client cannot present the technical passport and keys, SIA Bon Voyage claims a full value of the car, recovering it with the assistance of the court.

Fine about losing the documents of the car – EUR 150. Fine about losing the keys of the car – EUR 500.
All fines about road traffic offences performed during the use of the car shall be covered by the client.