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We organise trips to your desired destinations and offer established routes with or without tour guide services.

Most popular holiday destinations:
- Kurzeme is famous for its forests, seashore bluffs of the Baltic Sea, Irbene Radio Astronomy Centre, and Karosta in Liepāja. Towns of Kurzeme are also very original.
- Zemgale is another historical region of Latvia with magnificent castles, e.g., Rundāle Palace and Jelgava Palace.
- Vidzeme is situated in the Northeastern part of the country. Vidzeme stands out with old towns, like Sigulda and Cēsis. The highest point of Latvia — Gaiziņkalns — offers picturesque landscapes in all seasons.
- Latgale is another historical region in the Northeastern part of Latvia, also called the Land of Blue Lakes. It is a unique place with churches and a famous catholic festival held in Aglona every year.
These are only some of the holiday destinations we offer you to enjoy together with Bon Voyage.

Clients choose Bon Voyage to go to:
- European outlets;
- concerts and festivals;
- Druskininkai (Lithuania) Snow Arena with a closed ski track, other winter activities, and recreational events;
- Estonian resorts;
- European skiing resorts during the winter season;
- IKEA shops in Warsaw and Vilnius (we also offer cargo minibuses);
- corporate and private events.

We provide:
- driving sports teams and their equipment to the destination;
- transfer to airports in the Baltics and Europe;
- driving company employees to the destination;
- other trips.